About EDG

What is EDG?
Design that authentically expresses your Element.

Why Element Design?
Element Design Group believes that being in one’s Element is the state or sphere most naturally suited to a person or thing. The design team at EDG hopes to serve our clients by helping them discover what that Element is by getting to the core of their values, and then letting that speak through design and artwork.

Our Approach
Element approaches each project and client with the intention of listening and discovering your authentic value and mission, both internally and externally.

What does that mean for you?
Our goal is to design a space that accurately reflects your core values, both aesthetically and deep within The result is a space that is uniquely YOU, and this is what makes a space powerful, attractive, gorgeous, and sets it apart.

We believe that when one enters a space, there is an immediate feeling, and whether you’re tuned into it or not, you usually know right away whether you “like it.” Sometimes, this has nothing to do with the design, but more to do with the fact that the space is true to the values, or as we like to say, authentic element, of whoever occupies the space. Therefore, we believe that when you have that feeling of just “liking” a space, or a home, or an office, or even bar or restaurant, it is because the energy of the space is congruent with the values of that person or company that lives there, and the Element of the space is clear and attractive. It’s a space people want to revisit, feel comfortable in, feel at home, even if it’s not their home.

How Element works:

Phase one:
Values consultation, overview of space, client goals and needs.

Phase two:
Proposal: EDG present a 3 part proposal consisting of Interiors Design, Furnishing and Finishes, and Artwork options that best reflect both your internal values and external aesthetic goals.

Phase three:
Implementation and installation

Element Design Mission

Element’s mission is to provide our clients with a vision and creative solution that authentically reflects their values both their internally and externally. EDG believes a space has both a heart and a body and that the energy of the space is equally as important as the aesthetic. By working with our clients and listening to their core values, we incorporate, design, and create the best aesthetic solution that reflects those values.

Element believes in providing a package of services in an effort to provide the client with all levels of design in one place. Element seeks to first understand the vision of the client, and then design a space that authentically expresses the “Element” of that space.

The result is an authentic, personal, and unique design that moves and inspires, as much as it is a functional work of art.

EDG is one of the only one stop design firms that can provide not only an in depth assessment of the clients true desires for expression in their space, but also, through it’s extensive partnerships and resources as an interior design firm, finishes and furnishings, as well as art projects, EDG has everything under one roof.

With a combined history of 25 years in design, art, and management, EDG is known for it’s strong, long lasting relationships around the globe.

Who We Are

IMG_4880William Kletzien, President of Business Development

William shares an affinity for interior design and for the past five years, has been an instrumental part of growing and managing SuzAnn’s Interior Design projects. A photography major in college, William has a trained artistic eye as well as project management skills that have helped steer EDG to the success it has today.

IMG_7406Suzann Kletzien, Head Interior Designer

SuzAnn Kletzien is a renowned and celebrated interior designer whose cutting edge work has been featured On Houzz, Apartment Therapy, and Home and Garden Magazine, to name of few. SuzAnn’s main priority at EDG is that clients’ expectations are exceeded. SuzAnn works with each client to build a custom design plan tailored to their individual needs. Whether the project is remodeling an office, designing a kitchen, or managing an entire home design, SuzAnn Kletzien Design provides a flexible approach that allows as much or as little involvement as desired. SuzAnn goes above and beyond to provide everything from authentic values reflected in meticulous fabric selections, creative design proposals, integration of fascinating and unexpected elements, while maintaing a diligent management of budgets and deadlines.

Sarah HannerSarah Hanner, Art Consultant + Founder of Charly West

Sarah brings seven years of art consulting experience to EDG and offers client’s an incredible opportunity to not only have their space designed, but also, outfitted with a cutting edge art program that speaks to the clients and is synergetic with the overall aesthetic. Sarah has designed art programs for private residences, luxury hospitality arenas, as well as corporate and public arenas, including brands such as Trump and Four Seasons resorts. She has also curated collections alongside Justin Timberlake for the e-commerce website, BeachMint.

She is a member of the young professionals board at Inner-City Arts, an arts education non-profit based in Los Angeles, CA, that provides students whose schools can’t afford art programs access to arts education, where she helps steer fundraising activities that raise both money and awareness for this incredible initiative.

Sarah most recently launched her on-line company, Charly West, whose goal is to give emerging artists a platform to give back to the cause they love.